What's new in crusher-X 10?

This is the  "Glitcher-X" upgrade of crusher-X ! Consider this major version 10 upgrade as a milestone in granular synthesis as it introduces an unique grain generation mode called Glitcher-X!
Switching crusher-X to the Glitcher mode will let your grains surf on an audio wave event! This leads to glitching beats, surround slips, crazy audio jumps, short-term loops and hipster sound scratches. Glitcher Mode anchors grains to auto-selected incoming life audio events and modulates the grain around these anchor points during the grains life-time. A controllable spectral selector will help you to mask the audio input and auto-trigger the respawn of a grains to the next audio transient in the incoming pipe. Expect nothing but less than the next level of granular life experience! This upgrade comes also with a new set of raw ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sounds are added as a source for granular sound design to make your audience shudder and cringe. The new live spectral controlled transient sensitive trigger system with a twin filtered interactive frequency selector allows to create way more sophisticated grain buffer fills, glitch selections, respawn and quantization event triggers. The output of this interactive formant filter can be used as an additional input signal for the Granulizer. This opens the door for sophisticated granular filtered sweeps and advanced and color rich drones. And crusher-X 10 supports professional sound design studios with providing an AVID AAX version for Windows and macOS (incl. native Silicon / M1 support)! 
Give it a try!

crusher-X 9 - the granular reference

crusher-X 10 - the "Glitcher-X" upgrade

Glitcher-X - let the grains surf the wave

You probably know the "Eisbach Wave" in Munich? If you come to Munich on your next Germany trip, make sure you drop by and discover this beautiful energized and special place! There are those city surfers waiting in a line to jump on the wave and perform their rides looking for a moment of fame! This is basically what happens when you turn crusher-X into Glitcher Mode: Imagine a grain sitting at the river bank of the audio stream, relaxed but ready to ride the ultimate wave! As soon as the desired wave drops by the grain jumps on the flow and starts performing their moves and modulations until its lifetime is over and it drops off. A spectral transient selector formant filter detects the best moment to jump on the audio stream and the grain adheres on that position. As controlled by the regular Grain Modulations the grain will modulate around its known position. This will happen for each generator (so there will be several grains avail to ride the incoming audio wave) and one can chose how the current trigger will be populated to the different generators. The life-time of the grain will determine the length of each ride and after the drop (death) of the grain a next selection trigger will respawn it again. The result of this unique algorithm is mind-blowing: Glitching beats, audio slips, crazy jumps, loops, scratches - a new universe of life interactive sound design gets at your fingertip. Imagine to use it together with a microphone and your instrument. You will control the river stream and crusher-X will surf on it! You could even create a glitch manually with assigning the Glitch button to a foot controller - curtain up!


crusher-X 10 introduces Glitcher-X !

The spectral selector

Fast detection of interesting sound events in live streams is quite tricky. A spectral response approach combined with a fast real-time state machine is a the new crusher way to discriminate between silence, tonal, vocal or spectral interesting parts of an incoming audio stream in real-time. To control this job crusher-X 10 introduces a unique trigger control that allows to select the desired spectral trigger range and its sensitivity with simple mouse moves. The trigger is auto sensitives that means it works on all audio levels, detecting a relative change, not an absolute level. This new trigger system is wired up with the Grain buffer Fill, Respawn and Glitch position launches. And as you already controlling this unique formant filter, you can add the outcome of its spectral manipulation as an additional input signal to granulize. Become ready for sophisticated granular filtered sweeps and advanced and color rich drones. And sure the filter sweeps are morphed by the crusher-X Morphing System.

Sidechain Grain control

Spectral Selector Trigger

ASMR Sounds ready to become a granulized

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) sounds are crazy: The listening will likely triggers a physically tangible reaction for the listener. crusher-X is likely the first software that thinks ASMR sounds together with granular synthesis. Give it a try to let these tiny, fine and quite snippets shimmer around your audience bodies and hijack them into an sensuality experience.

Sidechain GCO Modes

crusher-X 10 comes with a fine selection of ASMR sounds ready to be granulized

Stereo Width Panner

Grain Modulations can be bound to Stereo Pairs but depending on the patch the output of the granulizer might create very wide stereo left/right audio pannings. crusher-X 10 introduces an easy way to shrink down the stereo width with a simple panner added to the mixer.

 Grain Controlled MIDI (GCM)

crusher-X 10 Mixer

AAX plug-in Versions

Having Protools in your studio? With the new AAX plug-in versions of crusher-X 10 you can utilize this unique sound design tool natively in your Atmos surround production. crusher-X 10 is avail as Windows and macOS (including an native Silicon/M1 version). crusher-X AAX supports full flexible stereo and surround configurations up to 7.1.2 channels.

Grain Modulation Matrices GMMs

crusher-X 10 is avail as Windows and macOS (including an native Silicon/M1 version)

And of coarse crusher-X 10 comes with some additional features like the soft bypass function, bug fixes, tweaks, UI and engine improvements (like e.g. 110 and 140% UI scaling). Start now with your granular journey and enjoy the "most powerful granulator on the market" (customer quotes)!

crusher-X 10 Release Notes:

  • Adds Protools AAX plug-in format (64bit, macOS & Win)
  • Adds Glitcher-X Mode to "glue" grain modulations to auto detected transients of the input signal
  • Adds Formant Input Filter with Input Transient detection to fire triggers of Fills, Respawns and Glitches
  • Adds Trigger Mode Types that allow to control a sequence of triggers applied for each generator
  • Adds manual or quantization to glitch and respawn triggers
  • Adds Morphed Soft-ByPass
  • Adds Stereo Width panner to shrink down the Stereo Width of the output streams down to Mono
  • Adds a Level Meter reset if signal flow is stopped
  • Adds the DCO/Player to the input filter sources if not in side chain mode
  • Adds Play/Stop behavior to DCO/Player for the raw wave forms
  • Adds 110% and 140% UI Scale Modes
  • Changes opening of Spline Editor instead of File Editor in case of DCO is in Spline Mode
  • Improves the sound quality of the DCO/Player (doubles the sample rate)
  • Improves UI color contrast
  • Improves overload protection for high birth rate (low birth time) cases
  • Increases grain generator stack for Quantization Modes from 10 to 32 (leads to a more intense Quantization reaction)
  • Removes limitation to the amount of grains per generator
  • Removes the legacy Aliasing Mode button from the UI (Use the new factory patch Reset/LegacyAliasingMode or the Granulizer.Aliasing plug-in Parameter to create a patch with Aliasing Mode On)
  • Fixes a seldom hang of the sliders thumb highlight
  • Fixes a minor bug that changes the plug-in parameter number when edit the assignment in the MIDI Map/Params grid
  • Fixes a minor bug that showed wrong grain status when in slower quantization mode
  • Fixes an filter overdrive that could lead to FPU crashes on very low system sample rates (e.g. 8000Hz)
  • Fixes an exception on very small files loaded in the grain buffer
  • Fixes a glitch on first marker with high DCO file playback rates
  • Fixes VST3 output problem under Reason
  • Fixes a bug that causes self modulation of global modulators in case a modulation type was selected without a modulation target
  • Win: Removes 32bit versions, removes "64" extensions to plug-in and application names
  • Win standalone: Removes dependency to VST dll for the standalone crusher-X.exe
  • Win standalone: Adds Tempo and Quantization support for standalone crusher-X
  • Win standalone: Adds full reset when launched with shift key pressed
  • Win standalone: Restricts reloaded windows position to visible screen coordinates

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Give it a try!