A MIDI track contains MIDI notes that switch patches in crusher-X. The patch switches are morphed using the editable morphing control curve.
accSone is pleased to announce a free feature crusher-X 10.43!
We have added several features around program management with new/cut/copy/paste/insert and import/export functionalities. In addition manual control of the Morphing process has been added, allowing precise external controlling of the Morph position via a plug-in parameter or MIDI control mapping. This free update also includes finest improvements that were requested by the crusher-X community, such as the ability to continue the PM-Field modulations when the UI is closed and improved MIDI CC control. Finally, it comes with support for the latest macOS version Sonoma. Enjoy!
Micro - crusher-X - Mixer - Amp Feedback loop (self oscillation)
Download crusher-X Patch: LoopChamber.crx
Toronto / Munich - Winter 2023: accSone is thrilled to announce the Update Release crusher-X 10.40 that is 100% dedicated to the Canadian YouTube personality, musician, and video producer Andrew Huang! Andrew created a set of brilliant factory sounds ready to be used as DCO, GCO, Window and Grain Buffer audio sources. Many thanks to Andrew for this exceptional and creative collaboration!