Sound design with crusher-X

Sound design

crusher-X for sounddesign and film scores

crusher-X is the secret weapon for sound designers. Giving birth to unusual, uncategorized, never heard sounds flow, grain walls, drone walls, sonic explorations – that’s why granular synthesis exists. crusher-X unique multichannel surround sound feature is designed to make film scores outstanding. The “inner consistency” of grains that are modulated and smeared in phase and frequency over 10 surround output channels is the reason why composers are using crusher-X for their next level score.

crusher-X offers a range of capabilities specializes in granular synthesis, giving birth to never-before-heard textures such as flowing grains, grain walls, drone walls, and sonic explorations. The purpose of granular synthesis is to explore uncharted sonic territory, and crusher-X excels at allowing sound designers to do just that.

A unique feature of crusher-X is its unique multi-channel surround sound capability, which is particularly useful for film scoring. By modulating and smearing grains in phase and frequency across ten surround output channels. This characteristic is highly valued by composers who want to take their film scores to the next level.

With crusher-X, sound designers and composers can tap into a vast array of sonic possibilities and push the boundaries of creativity and sound manipulation. Its live granular synthesis engine, combined with its multi-channel surround sound capability, makes it a powerful tool for those striving to create outstanding and innovative soundscapes.

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