What customers say about crusher-X

Along with CDP, cSound and Metasynth crusher-X is one of my “always go to” for granular operations. It is on countless albums, scores and productions of mine - major films, big dance records you name it. It’s a cornerstone application in my studio - It is truly is one of my go too sound tapestry creation tools. I can’t live without it!

BT - Composer, Technologist
With its mind-blowing controls and highly intuitive workflow, crusher-X truly is a hidden gem in the world of audio production ... crusher-X is perfect for a range of purposes, including film-making, composing, sound-designing for video games or other media, and much more. On top of that, this incredible plugin would be perfect for a range of music production styles, including ambient and downtempo genres.

Producer Sphere 2022
I’m loving Crusher-X. It’s absolutely insane and I am very happy to have come across it here at KVR as it’s not spoken of much elsewhere. I have lots of great granular tools (Portal, Silo, Fragments, GranularMB, Dust, WaveWarper2, Novum, and a few Eurorack modules; Beads and Supercell) but this has got to be the deepest and craziest of them all. As a granular enthusiast, I’m totally blown away.

PsychicVST at KVR
As a niche sound designer, I'm often asked to create sounds for cinematic portrayals which are inaudible, unhearable, or never-before-heard. The application of known sound classes for these moments can be immediately underwhelming whereas sounds without established realworld meaning can do the job of transporting the audience into the scene. I can't think of a better computer-based tool to do this than crusher-X.

Karl Mohr - IMAX sound designer - builder of sounds for the Star Nursery in Hubble 3D
It is a very advanced granular processor with very deep features. Where many plugins only scratch the surface, crusher-X goes clearly into the matter. It’s a paradise for granular lovers [...] the “Rolls Royce” among the granular Synthesizer plugins.

Just wanted to say that this is ‪possibly the most inspiring piece of software I’ve purchased in a very long time.

Jacob Sologub
Ihr macht den BESTEN GRANULAR SOFTWARE SYNTH auf dem Markt!

Mattia Bonafini
I purchased crusher-X about a year ago because I was looking for the perfect granular synthesizer. Well, crusher-X is even greater than perfect, it is a deep well of experimental possibilities. What I am working on right now is granulating my voice for spoken word performance, in an effort to capture a kind of “viral” breakdown, deconstructing & pulverizing language as we see life around us crumbling under the weight of Covid-19. I feel that Crusher-X is a great medium for the cathartic release of angst in this crazy time we’re in.

Randall Packer - multimedia artist
crusher-X is spectacularly great. I’m finding new ways to use it every day. I’m especially finding the link with my ROLI and LinnStrument extremely creative.

Simon Franglen - Avatar, Titanic, Skyfall, Spectre
crusher-X is a mind-blowing tool! I love this new tool in my DAW ... lot FX I’m using are very predictable ... but in case of crusher-X I was blown away! I start running my sound designs and recordings thru crusher-X and right the way I hear a completely new sound design! I just spend an hour playing just with one of my 5.1 recordings and I was completely blown away what was happen to the sound ... so cool and beyond of my imagination! The 5.1 FX is what I was looking for a very long time. Thank you for creating this fantastic tool!

Robert Dudzic - sound designer
I just want to say THANK YOU for all the imagination and inspiration you put out there in the way of this amazing instrument! You keep coming up with more ways for us to reach and see sound.... I studied at IRCAM... I worked with Johnathan Harvey and have been mesmerized by spectral composition for years. Xenakis and his theories are also huge influences on my perspective of composition. Your product is right up there with the cannon of great theories in action. Thank you and please keep up the amazing work!

Chris Portwood
crusher-X takes sound into completely uncharted sonic territory. Any sound designer would be a total loss in their industry if they don't get this application to experiment with and use

... it’s a sound designers wet dream. Combining it with an MPE controller is going to take a lot of the legwork out of designing sounds. Instead, they just seem to flow from experimenting with capturing different parameters

Robin, Gearnews
In its current incarnation, it truly is the Rolls-Royce (or Jaguar) of granulation programs

Warren Burt, SoundBytes
I felt like I've been there and already created what I was currently working on. As soon as I applied a preset from Crusher-X to one of my tracks, it gave my song a new breath of life. Crusher-X changed the direction of the song and gave me new creative ideas, all through a preset

Blayne Stone, Music Marketing
crusher-X is now unreal! What a plugin it is now! Works absolutely flawlessly with Logic as well since the last update (8.61) - its so smooth, detailed and the amount you can do before it crunches up the CPU is mind bowing, honestly. Im controlling it with ROLI and Wave ring and I feel like I'm in the future. No words - one of the best plugins ever made. Thank you!!!

Thank you! Thank you! I will buy it as soon as I return to the studio! I LOVE this program - it's great for sound design, and doesn't require a PhD to operate. First program I've been excited about in YEARS

If I didn't thank you already, thanks sooooo much. I highly value your Crusher, and never, never want to be without it; it's that cool a tool. I don't know what other audio moshing products you might consider to develop, or have already, but I look forward to any ingenious devices you might have created

Vielen Dank für die schnelle und unkomplizierte email obige Programme betreffend. Hatte diese vor langen Jahren installiert, sehe aber erst jetzt mit dem neuen und schnellen PC, was damit alles möglich ist. Ich bin begeistert!!!!!

After getting a taste for granular synthesis with [...] Granulator, I was looking around for a more comprehensive plug-in and found a video. Soon I watched many more videos about your VST, and after trying demos of many other granulators it was clear yours was the best!