Granulize your licks

Granulize your licks

Granular Synthesis for your guitar

Add live crusher-X granular synthesis to your guitar play. Guitarist all over the world are using crusher-X as a pathfinder towards the world of experimental sound clouds. As crusher-X runs as an VST or AU effect it can be easily integrated in any Windows or macOS based gear. Plug-in to a new sound world and taste the reflections of hunderts of grains on your delicious play.

Imagine adding live granular synthesis to your guitar playing. Guitarists worldwide have embraced crusher-X as a gateway to the realm of experimental sound clouds. Running as a VST or AU effect, crusher-X integrates seamlessly with any Windows or MacOS-based gear, making it easily accessible to musicians across platforms.

When you plug in crusher-X, you open yourself up to a whole new world of sound. Experience the mesmerizing reflections of hundreds of grains interacting with your playing. The combination of your guitar's tones and crusher-X's granular synthesis capabilities will allow you to explore uncharted sonic territory, creating textures and atmospheres that are truly unique and experimental.

Whether you're looking to expand your sonic palette, dive into avant-garde compositions, or simply add an extra layer of depth to your guitar performances, crusher-X gives you the tools and possibilities to take your music into new and exciting realms. Embrace the power of granular synthesis and let crusher-X lead you down a path of sonic exploration and innovation.

Start with the free demo and launch your first grain rocket today!