The crusher-X 10.24 "Ulrich Müller" update
The crusher-X 10.2 "Ulrich Müller" release is a free feature update for crusher-X 10. Beside several improvements and fixes it comes with a completely reworked morphing system with a free editable morphing curve to create advanced morphing gestures. It also adds compression and envelope follower meters in the level pane. And of coarse it is featured by the composer and sound designer "Ulrich Müller" who enhanced crusher-X with an exquisite selection of brand new factory sounds. Enjoy!
A live piano recording processed by crusher-X using the version 10 Glitcher Mode. Live interactions with G-Life, Filter and Speed Grain Modulations and Trigger Release times. Enjoy!
crusher-X AAX plug-in runs with long grains on a 1minute floating buffer fed by a Handpan sound track. The stereo track is transformed by crusher-X to a 7.2.1. Atmos bed track which is then downmixed over several stages to a quad monitoring and a stereo outlet for this video recording. Using tuned Arpeggio for Speed modulation and several detuning techniques with linear and splined Sweeps modulations controlled by crusher-X Physical Modeling.
Let's play with the new "Glitcher-X" mode on a melodic sequence. Playing around with different settings and tweaks while using:

? Transient triggers
? Different Glitch Modes
? MIDI MPE Keyboard
? Manual triggers
? Manual and Auto Respawn