Touchless gesture control on a soundtrack production: Live hand and arm gestures are captured via IR by a "Koma elektronik Kommander" sensor which CV control two interconnected "Bastl Instruments Kastle" drone synths. Synths output fed into "Cubase DAW" audio channel, processed over a Low Cut EQ into two "accSone crusher-X" plug-in instances which are controlled by a "ROLI Seaboard" via MPE. crusher-X FX channels are slightly reverbed by a "Melda Production MConvolutionEZ" convolution reverb plug-in using an individual impulse response file. Original train, ambient and bridge sounds are granulized and pitch-shifted heavily down. Enjoy!

Koma elektronik:
Bastl Instruments:
Melda Production:


Infinite live granular synthesis feedback loop


Lightweight setup with elektron Model:Samples and crusher-X. Recorded binaural.


Dream team!