How to start using Granular Synthesis

To begin using granular synthesis, you should first become familiar with the basic concepts and techniques involved. This may involve reading about granular synthesis and listening to examples of music that use the technique. You can also experiment with software or hardware granular synthesizers to get a feel for how the process works. A good starting point is the free demo of accSone's crusher-X. It comes with an in-app tutorial and runs on Windows and macOS.
Once a basic understanding of granular synthesis is established, you can begin to incorporate the technique into you compositions. This may involve using granular synthesis to create unique sounds or textures, manipulating recorded sounds, or exploring the possibilities of microsound composition.
As with any new technique, it is important for a composer to experiment and explore different approaches to granular synthesis. This may involve trying different software or hardware tools, or experimenting with different settings and parameters to create new and unique sounds. With practice and experimentation, a composer can develop a personal approach to granular synthesis and use it to create innovative and expressive music.