What are the tools available for granular synthesis?

Granular synthesis can be implemented using a variety of tools, both software and hardware. Software synthesizers are a popular choice for granular synthesis and include NI Reaktor's GrainCube, Ableton Live's Granulator II, and Steinberg's Padshop. For real-time granular synthesis and live audio processing, plug-ins such as accSone's crusher-X are used. This tool is also used by sound designers to create multi-channel tracks (e.g. Atmos) or for multi-channel sound installations.

Many DAWs such as Logic Pro, Cubase, and Pro Tools include granular synthesis features and plug-ins. In terms of hardware, modular synthesizers like Mutable Instruments' Clouds and Make Noise's Morphagene are commonly used for granular synthesis. Standalone hardware synthesizers such as Bastl Instruments' MicroGranny and Qu-Bit Electronix's Nebulae are also available. In addition to these tools, sound designers and composers often develop their own scripts and software for granular synthesis workflows. In addition, Max/MSP is a visual programming language that allows the creation of custom granular synthesis patches and other sound processing tools.