Why using Granular Synthesis in a composition?

Granular synthesis is a versatile technique that composers may choose to use to achieve several goals. One is to create new and distinctive sounds by manipulating and combining sounds in specific ways that may not be possible with other synthesis techniques. In addition, Granular Synthesis can effectively create complex and evolving textures that can contribute to ambient soundscapes, rhythmic parts, or add depth to a composition.
Composers can also use Granular Synthesis to modify recorded sounds, such as field recordings or acoustic instruments, to produce unexpected results. In addition, Granular Synthesis is a popular choice for micro-sound composition, allowing you to work with sounds on a microscopic level to create intricate and detailed compositions. Real-time performance is another advantage of Granular Synthesis, allowing composers to manipulate sounds live and create evolving soundscapes that reflect the energy and mood of the performance. Ultimately, Granular Synthesis is a powerful and versatile tool that allows composers to experiment with new sounds and textures and to create complex and nuanced compositions.