crusher-X GCOs

crusher-X 8 introduces Grain Controlled Oscillators (GCOs)! Wait...what? I thought crusher-X was a live audio processing granular synthesizer, right? What's preventing us from adding an oscillator to each grain to create unique sonic in-prints while processing the live audio? Well, to explain it, think of hundreds of individual Oscillators or Sample-players that enjoy their crazy life "inside" each grain. With the new GCO Grain Modulation you can "color", "enrich", "destroy", "overlay" or "nibble" live drones with any sonic or tuned audio layer you can dream of, as well as can make them appear or disappear depending on the GCO Mix Modulation. Choose free defined Waveforms or even use audio files as a sample source! And more: Not only can you apply GCOs "on-top" - you can let the GCOs interfere with your audio-input via Ring- or FM-Modulation! Switch the modes thru the crusher-X morphing system. Unlimited fun!